2020-2021 Board of Directors

Diane Devlyne-Thompson, President fhmsPTSApresident@gmail.com

Hello, I am Diane Devlyne-Thompson and excited to serve as President this year for FHMS. I have a FHMS 8th Grade daughter Charlotte and a 3rd grade son, Henry, at Bell Elementary.  

As a family we love animals and have two dogs, a rabbit, fish and a cat. 
While loving to serve for various levels of PTA, my dream job would be travel photographer. My two passions all in one! 
Advice from my Grandma “There is good in everything, sometimes you have to look hard, but it's there. Find it.” 
The other part of my life is spent as a soccer mom, so, I usually have strange things in my bags at all times.  Need an ice pack? Handwarmer? Trash bag, hydration tablet?  Dog treat? I’ve got it covered.  
My favorite place to travel with friends is St. Lucia and our family dream trip is a safari in Africa. We also plan to spend some time visiting Australia where I did a high school exchange.

Christine Bergstein, Vice President   fhmsPTSAVP@gmail.com

This is my second year being the Vice President   at FHMS PTSA.  I have a daughter in 5th grade at Carl Sandburg and a 7th grade son at FHMS, and just a year ago we adopted a 7 year old black Lab mix named Sumo.  My family moved here to the NW four years ago from Scottsdale, AZ for my husband's job.  My kids went to Peter Kirk Elementary for two years before us buying a home in Finn Hill, where my kids attended Carl Sandburg Elementary.  I was the co-chair of membership and was the volunteer chair for the PK Carnival.  Outside of school I love to travel, spend time with my family, reading, cooking, and the outdoors.


Joelle Brown, Treasurer  fhmsPTSAtreasurer@gmail.com

My name is Joelle Brown and I am in my 5th year as a PTA Treasurer, but 1st year at Finn Hill. I have an 8th grader at FHMS, Quincy, and a 3rd grader at Thoreau, Isaac.

I like reading trashy novels, gardening (i.e. pulling weeds), making experimental meals and drinks for my family (with a recipe, but not), chewing gumballs, singing along to loud music, and going wine tasting. All at the same time.


Sarah Mertel, Secretary   fhmsPTSAsecretary@gmail.com

I have a son Ryan who will be in 6th grade at FHMS this year and a daughter Elise who is in 5th grade at Sandburg El this year. I have a wonderfully supportive husband, Mike who deals with all of my crazy ideas on the daily.
Dream job? Isn’t being on the PTSA Board “Livin The Dream”??? All kidding aside, I had an amazing 16yr career in the medical field that was incredibly fulfilling. I was happy to be blessed with the ability to be a stay at home parent once my kids were born as that was also a “Dream Job” of mine. I am an incredibly lucky person who has been able to make my dream life my reality. I guess If I wasn’t doing this, maybe I would want to be a margarita taster on a sunny beach somewhere. It’s a tough job, but someone should have to do it.


Advice or words I live by: This seems like a very confining statement LOL! I guess the statement you will often hear me say is “Life is long, embrace change”. I’m a bit of a trust your gut type of person who prefers to roll with the punches life sends my way. And maybe I’m just a stubborn old goat that doesn’t like to be given advice.
Strangest thing you will find in my purse: I’m not sure anyone wants to know the answer to that question! I guess you will always find silicone straws in there (I hate drinking out of a glass with ice) and many, many, many receipts dating back to probably 1982.
Where I would go if I could travel anywhere for a week:  Do I have to bring my kids and husband? If yes, we are going somewhere tropical with a pool and a beach. If I get to go by myself….I’m not telling you because I don’t want any of you to track me down! I will be somewhere where it will be silent and I don’t have to answer questions. There will be plenty of books and meditation involved.